Our Approach to

The Delish Culinary Experience

We source local ingredients fresh from our community to enhance the Farm to table experience. Creating a home-like environment allows you to dine in an elegant dining room but feel like you are in the comfort of your own home.

Our menus are crafted by our experienced culinary director and executed by the invigorating culinary team. Delish, it is about the experience at every meal, and our hope is at the end of each meal you will say “That was delish!”

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Dish on the Delish

Here at Westwind Memory Care, we are proud to offer a variety of menu options that captivate and satisfy. Mealtime is an opportunity for our residents to engage with all of their senses: from the enticing smell of baking bread to the pleasure of seeing a colorful entrée arrive. By working with dietitians, our team creates nutritious culinary delights that incorporate fresh, seasonal produce in our restaurant-style meals. We are here to provide handheld foods, snacks, puree dishes, and other options specifically tailored to each resident’s dietary needs.

Delish Demonstrations

Observe and participate and partake in the chef’s creations from favorite recipes. Whether you wish to learn how to cook the meal or just come and enjoy the final product, Delish Demonstrations are for everyone!


We create delightful dining experiences

All based on your personal tastes, creating unique, flavorful menus with a variety of options and making nearly everything from scratch.

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