With these comfortable and adjustable headsets, our residents are able to communicate on a whole new level. From engaging in socially distanced activities such as Hallway Bingo to communicating with loved ones through our Welcome Window, these headphones make it possible for our residents to connect with team members and loved ones like never before. Each headset comes with personalized volume control so our residents can adjust according to their own needs.


Creating Aha! Moments

Sometimes, even with hearing aids, distinguishing the correct sounds can be a challenge. SoundBridge enables our residents to focus on one stream of sound for ultimate personal control over what they are listening to whether that is morning exercise class, a dinner companion, or grandchildren showing off their latest creation.


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More Meaningful Participation Increased... More Meaningful Participation Increased Engagement Decreased Social Isolation


Compassionate Care

Accessibility & Engagement Staff... Accessibility & Engagement Staff Efficiency Emotional Well-being.


Life Insurance

Individualized Movie Surround Sound Socially... Individualized Movie Surround Sound Socially Distanced Conversations Exercise Class at Your Own Volume.

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